Bidding Instructions

To bid at a DVLA Timed Online Auction, please follow the  simple steps below:

  • Register on the Internet

To register to bid online click the button on the left 'Register' and follow the instructions. Here you will be able to register securely then place your confidential bids 24 hours a day.

  • Read through the Terms & Conditions

Ensure you understand the Auctioneers’ Terms & Conditions of Sale and the DVLA Sale of Registrations Marks Regulations

  • Decide how much you’d like to spend

Decide on your spending limit. Don’t forget that there is VAT on the Hammer Price and a Buyer’s Premium of 7% + VAT and an £80 Assignment Fee to be added to the bid price if successful. Have a look at the ‘What Will It Cost?’ table to see the final amount you will need to pay based on your bid. When deciding on the value of your bid, remember that bids start at the starting price and must increase in increments of £10. Please note, we do not accept Amex

  • How to increase your bidding limit

To increase your limit above the amount stated, please click on 'Bidding Limit' in the main menu. Having requested your increased limit, a 10% deposit of this amount will be required. Please follow further instructions on screen. If you are unsuccessful, we will refund the deposit automatically after the conclusion of the auction. This can take up to 3 days to show back on your account. Please be aware that we do not accept Amex

  • Submit your Bid(s)

Firstly, search your registration(s) from the lot list and add to  'My bids and Watchlist'.  Then click on the registration and a 'place a bid' box will appear.  Submit your maximum bid here.  You will be able to see the current bid price on each Lot together with the number of bidders interested in each Lot. You will have the freedom to increase your bids up until the deadline. Once placed, bids cannot be removed. This auction operates on the basis of Maximum Bids and features Sliding End Times.

To view a short video explaining how to bid, please visit:-

  • Decide how you’d like to pay

Payment needs to be made within 5 days of the auction. To find out what payment methods are accepted please see ‘How to Pay’. Please be aware that we do not accept Amex

Before payment is made, there is the option to add a presentation box onto your invoice total, please follow the link below for a description of the products available:-


Please note that bids will only be accepted while the auction is in progress

No bids can be accepted by any means after this time.

Maximum Bids and Sliding End Times

Maximum Bids

The DVLA Timed Online Auction runs on the principle of “Maximum Bids”. Bidders submit “Maximum Bids” which are invisible to other bidders. Bidding starts at the starting price for each registration. If there is competitive bidding on a Lot, the auction system will automatically increase bids on behalf of bidders in £10 increments. Once a bidder’s “Maximum Bid” has been reached, the system will stop bidding for them. The current winning bid price for each registration is on view on the website at all times.

Sliding End Time

The “Sliding End Time” is a mechanism to prevent auction sniping, or the practise of rival bidders outbidding each other with just seconds to go before the deadline. Every Lot has a published “End Time” clearly visible on the website at all times. This is the deadline by which all bids must be received. For Lots on which any bidding activity takes place in the last 30 minutes before the End Time, the End Time will slide by 30 minutes to allow bidders the chance to bid again, thereby allowing bidding to reach its natural conclusion.

Important Points

  • Registrations are not sold for less than the Starting Price.

  • Registrations cannot be purchased before the auction.

  • Bids are submitted on a “Maximum Bid” basis. “Maximum Bids” are not visible to any other bidder

  • Bidding starts at the starting price. If there is competitive bidding, bids will automatically be taken in £10 increments up to your Maximum Bid

  • We strongly recommend you place your Maximum Bid early as there is no advantage to leaving your bid until the last minute

  • We do not recommend bidding using internet access from a mobile phone or similar device due to reduced visibility of the website

  • Each Lot in the DVLA Timed Online Auction has an End Time which is shown on the website

  • Please note that this will be extended in the event of any last minute bidding activity

  • No bids will be accepted after the Lot closes

  • Any unsold Lots will remain with DVLA. They are not available to purchase after the auction

  • You cannot use a registration number to make a vehicle look younger than it is

  • Warning: It is an offence to alter, re-arrange or misrepresent a registration number

  • There is a maximum fine of £1,000 and the registration number can be withdrawn without compensation

  • You will be liable for all bids made using your bidder details

  • If you are successful, the price you will pay will be your winning bid price, plus VAT on the bid price, a 7% buyer’s premium, VAT on the buyer’s premium and an £80 Assignment Fee


Payment of the outstanding balance must be made in full within 5 working days from the close of the auction including all the extras for Buyer’s Premium, VAT and the Assignment Fee. Please note that we do not accept Amex

If you are successful,  you will be sent a confirmation email detailing what you need to do next. 


Payment can be made by any of the methods listed below. Any payments from overseas bank accounts should be made electronically into the HSBC bank (details below)




Pay on-line by visiting your account and looking at My Purchases and Invoices using your debit/credit card. We do not accept payment by Amex.


Funds can be transferred directly into the British Car Auctions Limited DVLA Client Account as below. Please include the registration number(s) and lot number(s) as reference. British Car Auctions Limited - DVLA Account

Bank HSBC Bank Plc

Sort Code 40-21-05

Account No 41736051

Account Name   British Car Auctions Limited (No 3 Account)


IBAN Number GB29 HBUK 4021 0541 7360 51

(for payment from overseas).


You can transfer funds online into the British Car Auctions Limited (No 3 Account) (see above). So that we can allocate your payment, please give the Sales Order Number and registration number as a reference. If a deposit has been lodged with us you will need to pay the invoice total and we will refund the deposit payment back onto your card.


Within 15 working days of cleared funds being received, the DVLA will send you a Certificate of Entitlement (V750). This will enable you to assign the registration number to a vehicle registered in your name or in that of the nominee. If you buy more than one registration, Certificates of Entitlement will not be issued until payment has been received in full for all registrations.

Nominee Details

If you are purchasing a registration for or on behalf of someone else this section should also be completed in your account at the time of payment, this will allow the registration to be assigned either to a vehicle registered in your name as the purchaser or to your named nominee. Please note that individual’s forenames or initials must also be supplied. Nominee details without this information will not be accepted. Nominee details can be altered/added at a later date upon application to the DVLA. There is no fee.

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