How does a DVLA Timed Online Auction differ from a traditional DVLA Venue Auction?

  • A DVLA Timed Online Auction differs from a traditional DVLA Venue Auction in that there is no physical auction to attend.
    Bidders submit “Maximum Bids” which are invisible to other bidders and bidding starts at the starting price (plus charges) for each registration.
  • If there is competitive bidding activity on a Lot the auction system will increase bids in £10 increments on behalf of a registered bidder up to their Maximum Bid. If someone’s Maximum Bid is outbid, an SMS or email will be sent to the underbidder (depending on their notification request preference). They can then increase their bid if they so wish.
  • When the End Time has passed, each Lot will be sold to the highest bidder for the amount of their winning bid.

How do the “Sliding End Times” work?

  • The “Sliding End Time” is to prevent auction sniping, or the practise of rival bidders outbidding each other with just seconds to go before the deadline.
  • Every Lot has a published “End Time” on the website which is the deadline by which all bids must be received.
  • When any bidding activity takes place in the final 30 minutes before the deadline, it will cause the End Time to slip back a further 30 minutes for that particular lot.

How can I submit my bids?

  • It’s free and easy to use and you can submit your bids securely. Once you have placed your bids, you will have the freedom to increase your bids up until the End Time.
  • If you wish to increase your bidding limit above the amount stated, please click on 'Bidding Limit' in the main menu. Having requested your increased limit, a 10% deposit of this amount will be required. Please follow further instructions on screen. If your bid is unsuccessful, we will refund the deposit automatically after the conclusion of the auction. Please note, we do not accept Amex
  • You cannot cancel bids once placed.

What are Starting Prices?

  • These are the minimum prices at which Lots will be sold. All registrations have a Starting Price (plus charges). Please note that these do not include the additional charges of VAT, Buyer’s Premium (+ VAT) and Assignment Fee.
  • You may like to check our auction sold facility: to see what similar registrations have sold for at previous auctions.

What bids will the system take?

  • The lowest bid that will be accepted is the Starting Price for each Lot. You can make any bid you like above the Starting Price, but it must be in increments of £10. No bids in pence will be taken.

- How can I find out what other bids people have made?

  • The current highest bid on each Lot will be visible at all times. You cannot view the Maximum Bids of other bidders.

How do I know if I have been outbid?

  • You will be able to see online the status of all the Lots on which you have placed a bid. If your Maximum Bid has been exceeded by another bidder, you will be sent an SMS or email (depending on your notification preference). You may then be able to increase your Maximum Bid before the End Time.

When will the results be published?

  • The final prices for all Lots will be visible online at the end of the auction.

How will I know if I’ve been successful?

  • You will be informed by email soon after the Lot End Time has been reached.

When do I need to pay?

  • Full payment will be required, including all the extras for Buyer’s Premium, VAT and the Assignment Fee, within 5 working days. If you have bid online you will be sent an email confirming your purchase.

What happens to registrations that do not reach their Starting Price?

  • The system will not accept any bid below the Starting Price. If a registration does not receive a bid it will be declared as “Unsold”, the DVLA may, at its discretion, include such registrations in future auctions.

Are there any extra costs required to assign a registration to a vehicle?

  • All registrations purchased in a DVLA Auction are supplied on a V750 Certificate of Entitlement and the Assignment Fee is included in the final purchase price (see ‘What Will It Cost?). There is no further charge for DVLA to assign that registration to a vehicle registered in the name of either the Purchaser or the Nominee (if specified)

What Will It Cost?

The table shows how the sale price relates to the final amount you will have to pay. It is important to set yourself an affordable limit before you bid and to be aware of the additional costs. When doing this please bear in mind that the hammer price is subject to VAT, the Auctioneer’s Buyer’s Premium 7% (+ VAT) together with the £80 Assignment Fee.

Hammer PriceVAT on Hammer Price @ 20%Buyer's Premium (@ 7%)VAT on Buyer's Premium (@ 20%)Assignment FeeTotal

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